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Hoon on the loose ..... Jacqueline heads to Alaska


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After a two week delay, I am finally on my way.

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4/18; 505 miles DeLand, FL to Myrtle Beach, SC

I'm now headed to the mountains of GA.


(yes, I don't do well with posting pictures (yet) but I'm posting them.... grin.gif)

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She's off.


Good Luck


...and see ya soon.



I'll help ya with the pix when you get here.





You can follow her progress here







She posted it at Advrider.....so I'm sure she won't mind if we follow along too.





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After a two week delay, I am finally on my way.





OMG Jacqueline eek.gif

Quick, turn around & go back home!!!!!

You left the garage door open grin.gif

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What route are you taking? I live about 60 miles north of Seattle. I have a wife and 2 kids but you can rest here. It would be great hearing your story.

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looking at the Star Traxx report it showed her going 159.4MPH a couple of times...what the heck? eek.gifeek.gif


Must be a GPS glitch.


Nah.. she has a VERY fast GS !!!! tongue.gif

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Thursday I left Myrtle Beach, SC and headed to Helen, GA. Beginning mileage 15,710, ending mileage 16,215; rode 505 miles. I arrived at Unicoi State Lodge Park where I met up with about 25 fellow members of BMWNEF, for a weekend of riding the mountains. We had dinner and gathered that evening to discuss plans for rides the next day….. what routes, how many groups, and when we’d be pulling out.


Friday beginning mileage 16,215, ending mileage 16,721; rode 161 miles. What a beautiful day for a ride. The temps in the morning were cool… put the heated gear on but did not need to plug it in. The weather was perfect. I headed out shortly after 9:30 in a group of ten bikes, rode for 45 minutes, stopped for gas and picked up two more bikes. The ride leader, who spent many a summer in the mountains, took us on some great roads. We stopped for lunch at a wonderful little sandwich place. Great food, great atmosphere, great people to enjoy it with….. it was a great day.


Shortly after lunch, things changed in a split second. One of the riders failed to negotiate a very difficult curve and hit an SUV head on. She was airlifted to the trauma center in Ashville. As I type this she is under going surgery. She is alive but badly broken up. Several hours were spent at the accident scene, and the ride back to Unicoi State Lodge was a very different ride from the ride earlier in the day. It felt good to keep my helmet open so the cool air could hit my face, and even at a slower pace I found myself letting my mind wonder too much. After handling a couple of curves really sloppy I finally refocused. For those that believe in prayer…please pray for Barbara.

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She will be in my thoughts, as will you. I hope this doesn't put a huge dampner on your trip, and I'm glad you were able to refocus so quickly and ride okay after.


I hope this is the last incident of the entire trip for you.


I just sent you a PM offering up help if you make it out my way...

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Jacqueline, it is so good to see that you are finally on your way, what an adventure that you are having. Some days will be top of the world joys, and some days you will cry and wonder why you are doing this to yourself. You will see the things that others will only dream of and look back on this time in your life and see the good in it. Best of good fortune to you, hope to meet you some day.

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First of all, I will share your friend Barbara's situation with my noon group. We will put her on speed dial to our Higher Power. She will be in our thoughts for months to come until she is completely recovered.

Secondly, a few questions to help us all sleep better. Is Barbara new to our sport? Was the turn a hard right hander? Was she riding her ride? It is a fact that our sport measures mistakes in split seconds and we all make them. Timing many times is the key. I know that you will analyze this accident and be a better rider.

I am very impressed that you would tackle such a demanding ride. You will no doubt come away will memories that will last a life time. Try to make entries in your journal everyday and ride safe. Good luck little Hoon.

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We heard about this at the dealership and have been praying for her recovery.

Trust that she will recover and trust yourself on the road.

The elephant will be around one of the corners, but that's OK if you expect it.

Take your time and make each mile a memory.

I'm leaving your traxx up on my computer at work and explaining to the students about the technology, history, geography, and people of the various regions.

Expect regular e-mails and PM's from Beth and I as we stay involved with your adventure.


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Dang, sorry to hear about that jaqui! Hope for a full recovery. I was looking at your star trax page about that time friday. Hope it doesnt shake you too much!


Have fun!

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hope she's ok. reckon we'll hear more from the jax group. shake it off and move on. don't let this creep into your mindset. have fun and our prayers for barbara.

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An update first on Barbara; it is my understanding that she has no head or internal injuries clap.gif. She has many broken bones, arm, leg, and pelvis and is going to have more surgery today to set those. She is in a halo device and will be immobile for 6 to 8 weeks. Barbara is a gentle soul and I had the pleasure of talking with her that morning and again during lunch…. Where we had stopped for lunch they were selling Pepper Jellies she and I were telling another rider what would be good ways to serve Pepper Jelly.


Saturday I rode with a group of 4 others and just could not find my groove. I ended up letting the guys go ahead so not to affect their ride to much. They were great and waited for me at times to catch up. One of them even offered to ride back with me to Unicoi if I wanted to end my ride early. We rode to the Hiawassee Dam, such a beautiful day to have the place all to ourselves.

Beginning Mileage 16,721, ending 16,903 for a total of 182 miles for the day.


Sunday morning I got up, packed and saw the group off as they headed back to Jacksonville. I once again loaded the bike down…. I’ve got a lot of weigh there. Had to get use to the feel of the bike again. My beginning mileage was 16,903 and when I arrived at my son’s house in Charlottesville, VA my ending mileage was 17,451, a total of 548 miles for the day.


Today I’m working on my computer skills. Still working on the picture issues I’m having. Looking forward to getting help from Whip…… Should be the end of the week.


Need to do a repair to my Moto-lights. I thought I had a burnt out bulb but find I have a broken wire. I also need to re-direct them. Last night I noticed I was blinding a trucker. He was not driving straight and as I got closer to the cab (as I was passing him) I saw he had his left hand up blocking the light reflection in his large side mirror eek.gif.


I'm getting a kick out of people when they ask what the Star-Traxx device is. One guy even asked me if it was a smoke detector.......


The weather so far has been nothing but perfect! grin.gif

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Hey Jacqueline, talked with Bernie last night looks like all of us (BMWNEF) made it home safe from the mountains yesterday. Enjoyed seeing you at Unicoi and remember the 800 number if you need anyone I will send out messages at once on this board. I have not heard any mew updates on Barbera but as soon as I do I will let you know.

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Good to 'see' to Jacqueline.... Whip is gonna help you with your computer trouble? MAKING it you mean??? lmao.giflmao.gif




I'm gonna have Killer, Matt, and you...standing by.


BTW...don't you have some photos to doctor or something.





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The force be with you, Jacqueline. I hope you have memorized the info in all the Alaska books I let you borrow. I guess this means you won't be making the May 5 club picnic in St. Pete? thumbsup.gif

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Be sure to give a heads up if you're anwhere near SoCal!


Go Jackie Go!


Same here Jackie. More than welcome to take a breather at our house. You go girl. clap.gif

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Don't know your route but see you are near Nashville, TN doing 77.5 MPH thumbsup.gif


If you are going to go north to I 64, we live 5 miles south of it in Nashville, ILLINIOS. We will leave the lite on for you if you come this way.


PM for directions.

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