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Scheming and planning- ideas for registration

Les is more

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Les is more



Big rides are done. Let the planning commence!


Jamie and I are going through the un planning contortions required to keep this an un event.



Here' the outline of the thinking thus far.


There won't be vendor sponsors.

There will be a registration cost so that we can get a fairly firm idea of numbers for catering and T shirt logistics.


We're thinking in terms of $30.00 to include; Rally T shirt, sticker, name tag, Tues. night BBQ at campground and Tues and Wed continental breakfasts. Automatically including these things as part of registration will offset the lack of sponsorship.


We think prepaid registration is the way to go. We're thinking that non-refundable may work if that includes mailing t shirts and stickers to those who were pre registered but couldn't show for whatever reason. Any remaining monies would be a site donation.


Monday night would be "put the money in the jar for pizza" for whoever makes it there for dinner.


We're talking about shipping the shirts etc. to the rally HQ ahead of time.


We'll also post prices for extra t shirts and stickers.


Once the HQ was set and Doc did the great leg work for the lodging info, where to stay became a done deal.


Between Doc an ourselves we have also unearthed a few people in Cody to help out.


Jamie (at least) will do a June pre run just to have a look see and nail down any loose ends.


Rodger is all over the stickers and shirts.


Give us any thoughts on the registration ideas and we'll either incorporate or ignore them based on your relative importance or if you decide to trailer your new Harley rather than completing your BB Gold tongue.gifgrin.gif

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Give us any thoughts on the registration ideas and we'll either incorporate or ignore them based on your relative importance or if you decide to trailer your new Harley rather than completing your BB Gold tongue.gifgrin.gif




Overall it looks good to me. People seem to like t-shirts and stickers, so that's cool, especially for a "major" event.


The only reason I see for registration is to comply with a food count, if someone is requiring one. And of course it's nice to see who is coming. For El Paseo, I've thought about requiring dinner payment in advance ($23) via PayPal so that I get an exact count and don't have to collect it there. But geez, it's so much easier just to walk around the tables and collect. So I'll probably just keep estimating the count and collecting at the door.


I strongly agree with non-refundable.


I strongly agree with no vendors. I'd suggest some strong wording about vendors not being welcome to set up shop. Obviously Al and Steve and so on can come, but they should not rely on this to make their living. It's against the tenor of the site.


$30 seems too cheap for all it includes.


You'll have to figure out how to charge people for the shirts they don't pick up if they don't attend. Maybe put the onus on them to PayPal $5 with their address?


But I might start trailering my bike, so take this with a grain of salt. smile.gif

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I agree with David (good answer ah?) it's on the low side if the shirt is included.


T-Shirt . . . . $15

BBQ . . . . . . $10

Breakfasts . . $ 5

+ profit. . . . $10


Or $25 and make the shirts $15 extra. (they will buy them) Then they will fell like this "rally" is a bargain compared to others that charge $40 w/shirts extra.

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Build it and they will come!

Even for $40. $30 is too cheap.

Agree with David re: orphaned T-shirts.


First night pizza? OK, but for simplicity consider letting folks go it on their own for dinner. It works at Torrey.


I'll contact "Our Man in Cody" for restaurant recommendations and see if there is a particularly good restaurant for Mon. nite. where we could meet.

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Les is more

It's time to put up a registration site. Who's the Guru for this? Based on your comments the registration details are basically hammered out.


We will charge $40 non-refundable and we'll give people a place to state size and quantity for t shirts beyond the one that goes with each registration.


Another detail is the BBQ. We'll contact the Ponderosa and see how accomodating they can be to food preferences. i.e. Beef, Chicken or Veggie


We're thinking that, for the people who don't pick up their shirts, we'll put up a post after the Un to let them know how to ransom them.


Doc, the reason we're thinking pizza at the Ponderosa is so that people can have a central point to meet and greet. I'm sure some people will want to go out for something other than Pizza and it would be great to have a restaurant list available.


David , would you suggest that payment come to us? We could take check or PayPal and settle up with you afterwards. When the registration dust settles and we have a clearer idea of numbers, we will need to prepay for the BBQ no doubt.


What else haven't we thought of that we really want to think of wink.gif

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Les, PayPal can come to me and I can forward it. Checks probably ought to come to you. If you want to set up your own PayPal account and accept them that way, that's fine with me too!

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Les is more

I've got Brant Herbert on board for doing the registration page. clap.gif


David will you be hosting the website?

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Les, yep, we'll be glad to host it. Brant has all the ftp log in info and passwords, so he'll be all set. If he runs into any problems, have him shoot me an email and we'll get him set up.

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Brant Herbert

I'm listening here. smile.gif Will work to move what we did last year to a new area "behind the curtain" where we can iterate the new registration page.


Who's lined up to do the actual website?

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