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Once again...charging an 05 R12RT


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I know, I know...there are lot's of threads on this but I just want to be sure I understand the deal before I do something silly. I am soon getting an 05 RT and I have the BMW Generation II Charger that I used on my previous bike. I know that you can't charge directly through the aux sockets so what is the simplest alternative? (I also need to used heated vests.)


A. Buy 2 powerlet hook-ups for the front and rear sockets to by-pass the Can Bus;


B. Charge directly off the battery with the hook-up included with the charger and buy one powerlet for vests;


C. Run both sockets directly to the battery with a 10A in-line fuse.


Any thoughts? Thanks!


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I did the powerlet thing, but haven't worried about it as I am riding regularly. The longest the bike has sat without being ridden is about 5 days. No problems starting right up...



Steve in So Cal

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Get a Gerbings direct wire harness and a glove harness. Connect the direct wire harness, or two if your passenger had heated gear as well, to the battery. Use the connectors on the glove harness, there are 3, to wire to your charger, and both sets of heated gear. You can also pick up the connectors at Radio Shack, they are called coaxial power connectors. Center post is positive, outer ring is ground.

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