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?? Cant get a feeler guage between my valve stem and rocker ??


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I am trying to adjust my valver [ for the first time ] on my 2004 R1150RT , I cant get the feeler guage between the valve stem and the rocker arm because of this bizzar cap on the top of the valve and the way it is deep cup shaped and the rocker fits iinto it..


These funkey little " caps " wiggle around between the rocker and the valve stem,, I included a link to a picture of them,,


I know that there is play as the rocker wiggles much,, but a .003 wont / cant fit because of this CUP nature,, or i should say i cant even get it started because the rocker actually goes in the "cup" this cap creates...

I even tried to slide a piece of thread through and it does not go because the little cap at the top of the valve that wiggles around and this cup shape stops it but i am at {OT} mark and TDC on the right side piston and i KNOW there is play as i can see the rocker arm wiggling,, i have adjusted many valves in the past and i am guesting there is close to .10 - .12 inch there......

It almost seems that I would need a tool that is cup shaped to do this job....????


This seems bizzar,, I have read many posts about valve adjustment procedures before attempting and none mention this...??


Any Ideas ,, instructions???

Help....!! :-)


Link to picture of "CAPS" on valves stopping me from sliding a guage in.... ANY advice appreciated ...




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I cant get the feeler gauge between the valve stem and the rocker arm because of this bizzar cap on the top of the valve..



That "bizzar cap" is part of the rocker (arm). Insert gauge between it & the valve stem.


Aint it fun working on unfamiliar stuff? tongue.gif

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George Brown
I cant,, [ I must be a dumb ass :-) lol ] as the valve stem goes into this cap,,, see picture,,,


To also quote Master Craftsman Al, "Not really Tim". I just did my valves on Friday. If the correct size feeler won't fit between the cup and valve stem, try the next thinner size. I used a t-handle hex wrench on the adjusting screw and found that I could wiggle the rocker a little to get the feeler started. Also, this may sound dumb, but make sure your not trying to check the intake valves with the 0.30mm feeler. Don't ask me how I knew to make that suggestion. dopeslap.gif

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OK, you have the cast piece - aka rocker arm.

Then you have the cup you refer to - aka wiggly thingy, it is part of the rocker arm.

THEN you have the valve stem, aka - valve stem.

The feeler gauge goes between the cup and the stem.

Move the cup around a bit and the feeler gauge will slide between it and the stem, it will NOT slide between the rocker arm and the cup.

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Please refer to marked up attachment.

There is no "cup" where the gauge is inserted. Surfaces on both sides are flat.

Also as a double check, shake the rocker arms on both cylinders. Only one side should rattle, which is the side to adjust.


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OK<<< OK<<< I got it,,,, at the end of the valve,,, duuuh :-)

I was trying to get between the rocker and the cap,,

my bad,,,, :-))


and yes,, i hate working on unfamilar stuff lol...

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Man ,, I am sslllooowww :-)

the scarey part is i just built a vmax transmission for a guy last week,,,,,,,


I see ,, and thanks sooo much for the edited picture and everyones help so fast,,

Again I say it,, this board is the BEST,, and I have been on many,,,

Thanks Guys ;-))))

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and yes,, i hate working on unfamilar stuff lol...


It's not unfamiliar territory now thumbsup.gif


Remember: on the exhaust valves better too loose then too tight.

Too tight could keep the valve open & it.

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I stuck the gauge a couple times in the wrong spot too, hence the reason I had fun with the wiggly thingy. grin.gif


Now how did he markup that photo, I wanted to do that!

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...Now how did he markup that photo, I wanted to do that!


Very crude...

Copied the photo down to my PC then used microsoft paint to add a line and the text.

Saved the file then posted as an attachment.



BTW, I had the same gauge placement confusion the first time I went to adjust the valves on my R1100-RT.

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