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? Reality Check - Can I use FULL SYNTHETIC Brake Fluid in my 04 R1150RT ??


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I am to bleed my brakes and just picked up

[ Valvoline ]

SYN Power - Full Synthetic Brake Fluid


Labeled on container as

" Exceeds Dot 3 & Dot 4 "

" Compatable with Conventional Brake Fluid"



Is it fine to use,,,??


My Intention is to do a full bleed...

Advice Requested....

Thanks Much

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Pretty much all brake fluid is synthetic these days - it seems like that maker added the label as a selling point. As long as the fluid is DOT4 it is just fine for your bike.



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I've used that EXACT fluid for the last three rounds of brake bleeds... No worries cool.gif


Thanks All..

Im going to do this one for the first time today

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George Brown

I'm sure that it is OK, since it says fuly compatable with DOT 3 and DOT 4. It was all I could find in the consumer parts houses like PepBoys and AutoZone. However, FWIW, I found DOT 4 at my local NAPA store for $5.55 including 6% sales tax this week.

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