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Yet another ride tale (many pictures!)


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Yes, we've been busy lately.. and riding again tomorrow !!!


Last Thursday Nina had to go to Bleiswijk again (near The Hague) for a training course.... something to do with massaging feet.... brrr..... oh well.


Since it was great weather again, we decided to save the Jeep (and our money) and take the bike. I'd take Nina down to The Hague, and then ride back to Amsterdam Airport to shoot some pictures, have lunch, and come back again.


Oh, and on our way home we stop at the 'local' Beemer Dealer to book reservations for a rental 1200RT for our guests from the US, coming on May 2nd !


Riding to The Hague was not so much fun... NONE of the riding in Holland is anymore if you choose to ride the highways AND rush hour..... or national holidays for that matter.

It meant lane splitting for some 20 miles in all.. yechchch !


Anyway, we made it JUST in time..... here's the bike parked at the old farm (now a beauty parlor/cosmetics distributor). I was having a quick cup of coffee to regain my senses and some feeling in my fingers after the lane splitting (whch I still don't like doing, I must admit).




Then it was back north to the airport. The 'Spotters Place' is still there... but not for long anymore I think. All good things come to an end these days !





Some of the airport marshalls, having fun racing around streets with no speedcams !!





No speedcams for this guy neither.. although he'll swap tires more quickly than my RT !





Taxiing to the Martinair cargo terminal on the oither side of runway 06-24. The main tower in the background....





Another rubber burner.. this one all the way from Texas !!





A LOT of blue at Schiphol..... and a Chinese cargo Jumbo bringing us tons of more cheap 'stuff' no doubt....





I paticularly liked this guy. He is sitting on a sign that says NOT to feed the birds in order to keep the airport safe (birds ARE a major hazard here and there is a whole airport division tasked with scaring them away !).

Must be some sort of Rebel Crow !






He was less successful at hanging on to this slippery guard rail.....





My bike, and a stray German plane tourist......





'Blue Smoke'





I got hungry and gave up my position at the runway.

Schiphol is a 'bikers friendly' airport and we're about the only people (except for the police) who can park for FREE !! And very conveniently at the foot of the Tower and very near one of the main entrances!





After finishing my lunch (no, no pictures again....) I ventured onto the visitors terrrace. Again, I think Schiphol remains one of the few airports where you can get so close to the platform without a boarding pass....


.. oh, and for those who wouldn't know where we are.... the cans give it away !





A nice line-up of KLM and Northwest Airlines.... and a stray Iranian Boeing in the foreground.





Yes, the manufacturer of blue paint must be in heaven when in Amsterdam.....





The 'old' new tower....





And what was once the new tower....

There's an even newer one out in the fields somewhere....





"Kickin' the tires" has a whole different meaning with these guys....





The platform with Amsterdam's flats in the background....










More blue paint !! This is the recharging station for the little electric carts.





That passenger figured "I can NOT lose a PINK suitcase"...... well, I can tell you stories.....





Just so you know where I was again....





Oh to be young !!!!!!!





.... or exotic ! (note the modern digicam he's hiding behind his back !)





.... or to be in love maybe !!??


This lady was on the wrong side of the fence for some reason....





The 'outside' of the restaurant....





Then it was back The Hague... took a wrong turn too... dang !! Nina was waiting 15 minutes already when I finally found my way back onto the highway.

(And no, I still don't have a GPS on the bike .....).





Then we did some more lane splitting...... I bet you we do more of that in this teenie weenie country than Californians !!! Ja ja ja !


I booked the rental bike and then we had a quick look in the showroom..... they had a nice 1200RT for sale for 15.500 ..... It had done more kilometers than my 1150RT and was only 2 years old.... no thanks !


But.. I WOULD like one of these guys !!!!





That's not to be of course.. bummer !

Here's a parting shot of the BMW Dealer Motoport in Wormerveer, near Zaandam.



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What a marvelous day you were able to have, riding to wonderful places while your wife was learning how to massage your feet. WHAT A DAY! thumbsup.gif

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Just so you know where I was again....






Nice shot of a couple of dry coolers thumbsup.gif


Sorry, I just notice thing like that dopeslap.gif

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And I wouldn't know zilch about dry coolers, but next time I'll zoom in for ya ! grin.gif

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