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ESA Preload Test


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After seeing a comment or two that some owners found the ESA preload not working, I was concerned because of not feeling ANY change during a change from solo to two up with luggage.

Before I go on, let me comment on the suspension settings of 'Normal', 'Sport', and 'Comfort'. They are all excellent IMHO. The system makes the change from one to the other while on the road and there is no doubt that the change has taken place within five seconds or less.

And the 'Sport' setting is awsome in the twisties. I have Ohlins on my 1100RS and I'm going to readjust them because the new '07 RT is better.

Now back to the preload test.


Test One: While standing still (the system will only to the preload change while standing still with the motor running) with my wife on the back, I changed the ESA display from solo to two up...

Couldn't feel a thing. frown.gif

Test Two: With the bike now on the side stand (with a spacer under it to have the bike very close to straight upright). I put the headlight on high, which displayed a rather clear sharp edged pattern on the far wall. With both of us sitting very still, I changed the ESA from solo to two up... And the headlight beam very slowly shifted over a 12 to 15 seconds. A minute later I changed back to the solo setting, and sure enough, the light slowly returned to its original position. thumbsup.gif

Sooooo... Be patient with the ESA. It really does its stuff, albeit very smoooooothly clap.gif

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Many thanks for the info


I was a bit worried about the ESA at it seams not to be working well.


I'll try what you're saying


Many thanks

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