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Stock Seat ?--04 RT


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John Bentall

The Comfort Seat on the R1100RT became the stock seat on the R1150RT. So all 1150RT's left the factory with the "comfort seat".

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All 03s did, so I assume the 04s did also. Just call Sargent you will be glad you did.




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Did all 04's come with the BMW Comfort Seat as the stock seat?


As the owner of an 04 rt w/comfort seat, I must ask, "how bad was the stock non-comfort seat".


Comfort must be a word that doesn't translate so well from German! tongue.gif

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"Comfort" seat is a great example of an oxymoron.


My neighbor has an 04 and just replaced the stock "comfort" seat with a Corbin and was going to trade me his "comfort" seat for the stock seat off an 1100. Now if one really wants to get a feel for an "uncomfortable" seat try the one off the 1100's before the "comfort" seat was introduced!

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Beauty, or in this case comfort, is in the seat of the beholder.

I have hundreds of thousands of miles of riding on the stock (non-comfort) seats on a cross section of BMW motorcycles. Many, many of those miles in 750-1000+ mile days. Never felt the need to change them. In fact, on a couple of the used bikes I have purchased, I have removed the aftermarket seat and gone back to a stocker, my Blackbird being one example.


Now, to be fair, almost all my bikes have or had a far more sporting riding position than does an RT so I'm not sitting back on my butt but supporting more of my weight on the backs of my thighs. I tend to prefer narrower, flat seats that allow a good bit of fore and aft movement and don't interfere with my "sneaking a cheek" style of cornering. That said, the 30 year old seat foam on the dual seat of my '78 R100S can turn that bike into a torture device in 200 miles. Bob's has the solution for that hanging on the wall in his parts department and I'll order one, one of these days.

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tom collins

i think a standard seat was available as a no-cost option. they were lower to the ground so some of them might have that.


tom collins

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Stan Walker

Now if one really wants to get a feel for an "uncomfortable" seat try the one off the 1100's before the "comfort" seat was introduced!


Really? Darn, I better not tell by hind-quarters about that. I'm still sitting on my "non-confort" seat from my '96 R1100RT. I moved it to my R1150RT because I like it just fine.


I think it just goes to show that no one seat works for everyone.


Or maybe some of you are really "tender-asses" smile.gif



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"Or maybe some of you are really "tender-asses"


This tender ass has tried everything. I refer to my comfort seat as an "uncomfort seat". However, I even have a problem sitting in a straight chair. I guess anatomy has something to do with it.


I just sent my "uncomfort" seat off to Rick Mayer last week for a custom job. I sure hope he recovers from his accident. Not only because of my seat, but he is a great guy. wave.gif

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