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looking for good all around, all makes cycle magazine


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Most love Motorcycle Consumer News...it's a more expensive subscription but it's because they're not beholden to anyone. Rider and Cycleworld are both OK and they're cheap to get.

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The motorcycle mags from the UK are great, I like Bike. Subscriptions are expensive though due to postage. Motorcyclist and Cycle World are OK, and so cheap by subscription that they are almost free. MRN is good but sometimes it seems like opinion being represented as fact.

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I read Cycle World for years and considered Rider more of a geezer mag. Now I prefer Rider, which by my own definition must make me a geezer, or Riders gotten better, take your choice. Hey I ride an RT now so I must be...


All in all, my favorites are definitely Bike Magazine, Classic Bikes, and Performance Bike, all from the UK. Funny, and not afraid to make fun of anything. But Amazon currently wants $US168/yr, vs our domestic magazines, which are virtually free. Years ago Walnecks used to bring the magazines over in bulk and remail them here for fairly reasonable prices, but I am not sure they do that anymore. So now I just read them at the Barnes and Nobles Free Magazine Library. cool.gif You can't check them out and take them home for free, but they do provide comfy chairs...

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Cycle Canada! thumbsup.gif


I used to have subscriptions to Cycle World, Motorcyclist & Sport Rider at one time. Cycle Canada is by far the best. Great photos and write ups, a little of everything, dirt bikes, scooters, touring & sport bikes. They just had a story on a tour of the Pan-American Highway in South America put on by a west coast BMW dealer. It's printed on high quality paper in a larger format.

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thumbsup.gif +1 for Motorcycle Consumer News (my RT horn install is in the new May issue) and Rider, which I LOVE! Never seen an issue of Roadrunner, but will definitely check it out.



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I get Cycle World. I tend to skip a few articles here and there, but overall its a good magazine.


I will continue to subscribe as long as Peter Egan is contributing.

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Road Runner is great, but pick up a copy of All Metric Road Bike at a news stand for comparison. It has good touring articles and reviews of non-Harley bikes and accessories.


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I like Rider, Motorcycle Cruiser is okay its sister publication Motorcycle Escape is better but it isn't monthly yet, my favorite is Ride Texas...but of course its a bit Texas centric ;-)

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I subscribe to Road Runner, and I gennerally like the Brit mags like Bike, and TWO. They're irreverent, and don't seem to kiss nearly as much manufacturer a** as many of the domestics seem to.

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My subscriptions:


-Rider: Touring oriented, with articles about stuff I'm interested in, like destinations, accessories, etc. Most of the articles are a bit bland.


-Motorcycle Consumer News: Excellent, ad-free magazine in black and white. Expensive, but worth it. It's so purty, it brings a tear to my eye.


-RoadRunner: This is simply a beautiful magazine. The layout, photos, and overall execution of the magazine are very artistic. It's all about touring, and each issue also contains tear-out tank bag maps on heavy paper stock.


-BMWMOA News: I've never been too excited about the editorial content, but it's the ultimate source of ads relating to BMW motorcycles, and occasionally has an article that's worthwhile.

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Because when you get tired of it and decide to roll it up and hit something with it, like a Labrador that won't get off your pillow, you can get their attention. eek.gif



Really I like the travel info. and the bike tests are more real world and less quarter mile times. It could cut back on the choppers a little and I wouldn't mind.




BTW...I'm kidding, I usually just go sleep in the guest room.



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Yeeha! Stephen

You guys that like BIKE and TWO, should take a new look at Motorcyclist.


Brian Catterson has changed it up a bit since he took the reigns from Mitch Boehm. The lastest issue has that Brit Mag look to it. Still in small US format, but some of the pages inside will remind you of TWO.


Now, if they would print it in large format like RoadRunner, they might just dominate the US mag rack.


Oh yea, they're adding Dirt Bikes back into the mix.

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(my RT horn install is in the new May issue)


Nice article, Moshe. I received my issue last night, sat down to read the whole thing, and after a couple of paragraphs of reading one article I thought it sounded familiar. Then I noticed you were the author. thumbsup.gif

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+1 rider magazine. I used to subscribe. I like the fact that they have more of a lean toward real world riding and not just some high performance sport bike shoot outs. They do tend to lean toward the sport touring market, of course, thats probably why I like them so much.

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