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Givi side cases on an 1100/1150RT?


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Has anyone here tried mounting a pair of Givi side cases on their RT? I am about to purchase the extra large system case lids but I already have a set of 36L Givis on another bike, and it would be nice to swap cases from bike to bike instead of transfering the contents.

AFAIK the mounts are not commercially available so I will have to fabricate my own, and I may incorporate a trailer hitch into the setup.

Any comments or suggestions?

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It's been done. Back in 96 I saw an 1100RT with Givi 50L bags at the Detroit Touring Club rally. In 1997 I seen another 1100RT at the Udder Nonsense Rally in Cairo,NY with the same 50L bags. Both riders built their own mounts. Unfortunately I didn't take pics of these bikes.

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