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Looking after a new bike


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OK, assume that you've just taken delivery of your new bike. You've said goodbye to the old bike as it was px'ed for the new one. On the old bike, the nuts and bolts on the brake discs and engine casings were corroding or rusting (depending on whether they were ally or steel). Now, you aren't going to let this happen to your new bike so what do you use?


Do you coat the nuts and bolts with nail varnish? Grease is no good because the dirt will stick to it. What do you recommend?



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What do you recommend?


A garage. grin.gif




I'll add to that a garage with no pool chemicals. I've seen pool chemicals in a garage do some nasty things to a motorcycle. Fortunatley it wasn't mine!

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Sorry I don't live in a salty environment (I wish). But I would just try to keep everything coated with a good wax, and everything else well oiled, whether you just use a dab of oil or WD40. If it's metal and it's exposed, it's gonna rust, I just don't know any way around it. Do your best to keep it clean and well lubed and just ride the thing. If things get too rusty, just replace it.


I'll trade you your salty air for my frozen snowy air right now. ;-)


We were just visiting my father in law in Hawaii, and he was trying to make room in his garage. I suggested moving his riding mower outside, and he laughed and said it would be rusted in a couple days. I also noticed his brand new Nissan pickup truck had rusted bolts in the bed tie downs. Guess it's the price you pay for ocean views.

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Just installed a Scottoiler on Jodie's Ninja and noticed this on the box, a new product: FS 365 Protector Spray



"FS 365 Protector Spray is a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water which forms a stable micro-solution that can only be separated by evaporation.FS 365 is water soluble and therefore inherently biodegradable, it clings to all surfaces lubricating and preventing the onset of rust. FS 365 is an MCN PRODUCT OF THE YEAR."

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I've just been told about FS365. It seems to do a similar job to ACF50. Now, which do I use? confused.gif

Easy, do the left side with FS365 and the right side with ACF50 and see which one works better. ;-) thumbsup.gif And don't forget to report back with your results.

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