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She's at the shop


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I had posted an oil analysis a few months ago and here is the latest one. There is a pronounced "rattle/knock' starting at about 4K RPM's. I'm guessing I will be bikeless for at least a month as I suspect they will have to dig deep to find the problem. Would connecting rod bearings be suspect? I stopped by the dealer Friday and was suprised to find them open. One of the tech's tool a ride and agreed that something wasn't right. The bike is still under warranty and as I do my own oil changes (have reciepts) I hope this doesn't become an issue. Apr_09_001.jpg[/img]

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Good luck Ken.


With receipts and the oil analysis I would think you would be in good shape.


I'm wondering about the reason you had the analysis done. Is this something you do on a regular basis?

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I haven't in the past. When I had my 12K service done (Independent shop), the service manager said I had a problem. That propmpted me to have an oil analysis done.

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