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A day tooling about Phoenix


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Ok this is a ride tale but I never took any pictures of motorcycles. I was on my RT all day today and rode about 100 miles all within the metro area. I decided to take the Pentax out about town today to try and capture motion. It has been 20 years since I last seriously tried to report people doing things with a camera. I ended up taking about 735 photographs today. With a 4GB card, that was not even half full. I really want to get into taking action pictures before Torrey.


First stop today was Starbucks (you don’t need a picture of that, trust me).


Then I set off to a local park near the house where I knew they had just installed a new skateboard park. I thought it would be interesting to shoot some pictures of kids on their boards and relive my childhood from the 1970’s. Well when I got there, there were a bunch of guys my age out there! Some of them forgot to grow up! Worthy!!!



Ok so there were a few guys in their late teens out there too flying around



This guy was like 40 but man he could skate!



See what I mean?



I mean I could do that if I had a board still



Got to love the name of his board



This picture shows the breath of ages at the local skate park. I will be back maybe with a board even!



Though lets not get too crazy


From there I wandered across the parking lot towards the sports field where kids were playing basketball and soccer. The next series is of them playing.



Two completely different objectives here



The next Ronaldo?



Good to see in the age of Xbox, a little round leather ball still means something



Remember when you could balance like that? For me it was 1976



The thrill of victory….the agony of defeat


From here I went to the local BMW dealer to pick up a new oil fill cap for my RT. Didn’t take any pictures but did see a back up bike if my GS plan A doesn’t work out. I also went and looked at a V-Strom, KLR 650, and even stopped at the KTM dealer but they won’t have a 990 for a few days. Still think that the GS is the way to go.


After leaving there, I decided to stop off near one of my offices and take some pictures of planes landing at Sky Harbor.



A good ole Dash-8 coming in from somewhere not too far away. I hope they don’t paint them with the new US-Airways colors anytime soon. I like the Southwest feel of AmWest.



You can see how busy an airport Phoenix even on a Saturday afternoon.


141951343-L.jpg I actually did capture the top of my wind screen so I feel a little better posting this in the ride tales section.




737 coming in for a landing in front of the new tower.


So I debated going to ASU to shoot some of the CoE…I mean buildings when I realized it was Easter Weekend so I decided to head back to the house. As I was going down the 10, I thought I should go a few more exits and see if any of the locals were having a track day. It ended up no moto’s but the locals were out in there sports cars racing. I somehow managed to schmooze my way onto the inner track where the other photographers were and got the following pictures.



Corvairs never get the respect they deserve. Ok in fairness, this was on the other side of the track where the local sports club was having an “AutoCross”. It was sort of cool except I kept hearing cars going really fast on the other side of a fence.



Some guys aren’t rich enough to own a trailer and have to drive from NM just to get to the track. I hope they pass the hat to get the guy gas money to get home.



It must be a trip to line up at the starting line.



These cars were going all out



These were the race leaders for most of the time I was there.



Here you can see the leaders lapping the slower cars.



Lot of BMW and Porsches out there


From here it was a quick moto home and after doing some stuff around the house I got busy editing. Man this is a lot of fun! I can't wait to set up on Sweeper Madness!


It was a fun day!

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Nice shots Tom. Ok for you next assignment the people would like to see the sights around Apache Junction. So go get that big D/S bike & get to work. grin.gif



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