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Big Bend Morning...Now you can see why we do it.


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Guy, thanks again for showing me a place that I will probly not get to visit. Like you said, Big Bend is not on the way to other place's. (Probably one of many reason's it's so nice)

Guy, you should pitch your ride storys to SPEEDtv.com. They may just give you a film crew, then we could get some interesting TV on Tuesday nights.



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Beautiful as always...Your videos always play well on my computer..Many I view will play and stop and exhibit other problems but yours always plays from beginning to end without stopping... clap.gif

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Enjoyed the video and look forward to more installments of your trip report.

We were about a week behind you also riding the Hill Country and two days at the Basin Lodge. 170 to Presido and back was a great ride. Thanks to Whip for the suggestion.

See ya. Bill

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Whip??? Is that guy stil around??? dopeslap.gif

We are doing a get together again in Big Bend this Xmas...

Wel thumbsup.gifcome to join us... you too Whip, if you have decent friends now...

It is a magical place...

Specially Kathy's Kosmic Kafe!!!


Be well...\\\ Ara & Spirit


www.theoasisofmysoul.com Mt Blog...

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Thanks for the invite. Didn't get to eat at the Kosmic; timing was off. We did see a ton of great vintage bikes for the Monday gathering at the Starlight. Vincents, old Triumphs, Indians, Harleys.

Caught up on your blog last night. Great pictures.

See ya. Bill

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Guy ...


A very enjoyable ride, thanks for sharin' via video ... in particular, your production was excellent. thumbsup.gif


Perhaps one spring I'll get down that way myself.

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