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Universal Earplug Speakers (CycleGadgets)


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Does anyone have experience with Universal Earplug Speakers from CycleGadgets? Compare to ER6i? A few bucks more now that the Er6i's have come down in price. I'm wondering if they're worth it.


They look exactly like, have the same name (S plug) and price as, and the ear pic looks just like the one that www.plugup.com sent me a year ago. My guess is that they are the plug up speakers. If this is correct, the plugs were recommended to me by Autocom when I asked their rep about better speakers instead of the helmet speakers. I ordered them directly from www.plugup.com and a woman called me to confirm my order. There is/was a 30-day trial on the plugs so i could return them if I wanted to. I ordered 2 sets (me and passenger) and kept both.

I have nothing to compare them to, but I think the sound quality is great and they are comfortable in the ear. The only downside that I have found is that there is a tiny metal "wax collector" in the very tip that can become dislodged and, if it does, it could be in your ear and the sound quality diminishes. If it does come out, and it will due to the rubber plug expanding, then you have to replace it. The S plugs come with a couple spares. I believe the ER6i's have a similar cylinder that is screwed into the plug. That would be a better method to me.

The cord that comes with the S plug is long and the clip is handy to attach to your clothing.

I would like to try some ER6i's next time if only for the cylinder thing I mentioned above.

If the 30-day trial is still valid, I would order a set. If the return policy is the same at both locations, maybe support the vendor who supports bikes.

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I've been using Westone UM1s for about a year and cannot say enough about them. The only down side is they don't have bass; acceptable, but not great. The noise isolation is as good as tight-fitting earplugs, and the audio quality is excellent. There are two sizes of foam inserts, and at least one set of each come with the earphones in the little carrying case. The UM1s go for about $100 on eBay. They make a 3-driver model that costs 3 times as much - no experience with that one, but I'd definitely buy another set of UM1s.


I also use these as in-ear monitors onstage with the band I play with - dual duty for the money.

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No experience with the speakers you refer to, but I have used other 'in-ear' speakers - Sony and Apple in-ear speakers. I find them very well suited for the purpose. My only problem with all of them is that the wiring gets squeezed between the helmet's padding, and my cheek. After a season's worth of taking my helmet and speakers off and on, the wire becomes fragile, leading to one side or the other having diminsished or no volume. I suppose some heatshrink tubing would help to minimize this effect - haven't done that, though. As of now, I treat them as expendable items. Not bad for 39 bucks, but if I had to pay more, I'd be a bit pissed about it.

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