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Tom Tom GPS units


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Here are some notes from a Dealer Memo that Autocom has put out regarding the TomTom.



Here are our working notes on the TomTom GPS unit:



-Water Resistant

-Comes with complete motorcycle mount

-Touch screen

-Bluetooth enabled (cannot place a call when moving)

-Has traffic and weather functions



-TomTom headset loses signal with unit far too easily

-The unit goes into safe mode when moving which limits its menu functions (i.e. have to stop before you can place a call, among other things)

-Has a small screen (3" x 2")

-Only transfers phone numbers from your SIM card

-Headset has only 3-6 hours of usable time once charged (TomTom says 10 hours but all online web forums state 3-6)

-Has very low voice output volume


For my money, the Garmin 2720 is a better way to go, and right now Costco has them online for $349. You will need a motorcycle mount and a separate cable, available here. Or if you prefer just buy the cable (necessary for audio output) and get a Ram Mount or some other aftermarket mount.

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