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RT Rear Accessory Socket Access


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Anyone know how to remove the rear lateral to access the accessory socket connector?


The connector is so close to the frame it can not be removed without taking off the rear lateral to which it's attached.


I want to install a Powerlet connector on the socket to connect directly to the battery for charging and use the power from the harness connector to power an Autocom.

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You can get to it just by removing the seats. It helped me to have a high power flash light to see what I was doing. There are little clips you must release on both sides before it will come off. I have pretty big hands and was able to do it.

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it can be done without taking apart the rear end, I installed a right rear direct to battery powerlet power port and just had to dissasemble the rear tail light assembly to get in there to get 'r done. No problem...

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Maybe the connector is a bit different on the '06 models but on this '07 I can get to the connector to release it from the socket but there is not enough room to remove it completely.


Going through the tail-light is more than likely what I need to do.

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