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Sidi On-Road Gore-Tex


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I'm looking for a trusted on line (or phone) source from which to buy these boots from. So far my sources are: Chicago Performance, Extreme Supply & Motorcycle Superstore. Motonation & New Enough are sold out currently. All are priced equally. All have equally/similar exchange policies.


So what do you think?



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I bought some Sidi OnRoads from MotoNation about three years ago. After about 20,000 miles one of the boots developed a leak. I called MotoNation and asked them what would be the best way to "re-waterproof" the boots. They told me to send them back and they would inspect. In a few weeks they sent me a new pair. They sent me a new pair even though I didn't ask, didn't have a reciept. Great customer service. clap.gif

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