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V-1 in tankbag experimentation...ramblings


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rec'd my V-1 the other day and I have been playing with it. It has undoubtedly saved me from a ticket once already, but I digress. By the way, the locals in Havelock still use good old fashioned x band...


I am attempting to run it in my tankbag, I realize laser detection capabilities are absent this way. I manufactured a very hoon-esque three level lexan shelf to stash my kenwood, my fi xm, autocom unit, cell phone and v-1 with the v-1 on the top shelf of my hoon shelf in the stock 12RT tank bag. I have the remote visual in the clear map pocket and the remote audio on the top shelf with adjacent to the v-1. I have a powerlet SAE electrified tankbag set up and power the V-1 from a cigar type outlet on the inside of the tankbag. The autocom is bike powered from a switched fuse block, the V-1 is bike powered from the front accessory port.


some issues: 1) The V-1 gets HOT. At the height I have it mounted in the tank bag, the lid to the tank bag is in constant tight contact with the top of the V-1. The bag itself gets very hot on the interior in the summer. I felt it after riding yesterday, VERY HOT.


2) The unit kept going through its power up routine while I was riding around experimenting yesterday... the cigar outlet power unit for the V-1 appeared to keep losing contact with the female cigar power outlet on the inside of my tankbag.


3) on occasion, and depending on the time of day and sun angle, the plastic cover of the map pocket glares enough to make the remote visual difficult to see but that is no big deal as long as the audio is functional


4) I have not been able to kick a high frequency/high pitched low volume continuous beeping sound that does not correlate with RPM's related to the audio input from the V-1. I have my cell and the V-1 on autocom part 57 isolated split input going into the autocom. I would guess that with the v1 and the autcom bike powered it is some sort of ground loop issue but I am guessing.


I am going to keep playing with it but am kicking around the idea of just hard wiring the V-1 and ram mounting it, totally bypassing autocom in the process. I REALLY like having all the electronics save the GPS in the tankbag...


any of you tank bag electronics gurus have any thoughts ... B RT/GT??? It looks like you had a nuclear reactor device on your 50cc tale pics.. Fernando??? ..





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First, as a radar detector designed to be suction-cupped to a car window, the V-1 is designed to operate at relatively high temperatures. Check with them for their recommended range, but I'll bet it's in excess of 120 degrees, which would aproximatley be direct sunlight through a windshield on a 90-degree day. Therefore, operation inside your tankbag shouldn't be a problem.


As for the faint dog whistle you say you hear, the fact that it's not RPM-related means that it's not induction from the engine's ignition system. At best, you're getting some feedback from one of the other accessories. I'd bet it's your cell. Disconnect the cell while listening to the whine, and if that doesn't do it, move the cell away from your V-1. That's how I would test to see if it's the cell. If it isn't, then you may have to move the GPS input line away from Part #57.


PM me or call me at the dealership (Brown Motor Works) and I'll see if I can help you offline. But try disconnecting the cell phone first.

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If the sound you're referring to sounds kind of like the 400 hz tone you sometimes hear on commercial aircraft audio systems then I hear it too, and I think that it's coming from the V1. Not sure what can be done about it other than using a gated audio amp to block the noise when the detector isn't going off. In my case it's at a low enough level that it's possible to just ignore it, but perhaps not in your case.


Also, regarding the absent lidar detection capabilities, while the value of lidar detection is open to debate I (and several others on the board) can attest to its effectiveness. Personally I wouldn't give it up, especially with laser becoming more and more common these days.

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I hope to see you at El Paseo, so I can take a look at your setup and show you mine.


I curently run everything from my tankbag including the GPS. The power comes into the bag via a SAE connection, then splits 3 ways (all SAE) to power Autocom and Radar in the bag and one goes back out for the GPS.


I'm planning to change most everything in the next few months including the bag and mounting system. I'm also planning to change the radar detector to a V-1 from a Passport Escort, so the hum is of particular interest to me. I don't currently have a hum, but I also don't have a cell phone plugged in.

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I started out with my V-1 in my tankbag, and on BMWST rides with FRS radios found I heard lots of "RADAR!" calls from others long before my own V-1 indicated anything. I've since moved my V-1 to a Gadget Guy mount, but it still gets its power from the tankbag connection. My Autocom and the V-1 audio interface live in my tank bag.

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