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Rear Shock Leaking


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The rear shock on my 96 RT is leaking slightly... when I had the bike apart last week I could see that it has been leaking a small amount of fluid. My local dealer didn't have any in stock at the time...


I'm craving a camping trip over the Easter weekend. Should I delay until I can get the shock fixed? How serious is it if seal goes completely and all of the fluid leaks out?

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It's going to puke real soon. I had to replace mine last fall but after 90000km. Nothing to fix, you need the whole deal. Costs about 850.00 in Canada I'm sorry to say.


If you ride the spring will still hold up your bike but you will have a german pogo stick with two wheels as it will bounce like crazy. Oil leaking could get dangerous because that oil WILL end up on the rear tire.



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