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Help with mounting bracket


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Hi guys, I need to find a mounting bracket for my J&M on my RT. I asked the dealer if they could order just the mounting bracket and he said, "oh, you can get those anywhere"... of course by the time I got home I forgot where anywhere was!


Any recommendations?

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I think Dawn is looking specifically for the BMW bracket that they provide when you buy the BMW branded J&M setup. I know BMW sells a couple of the components from that kit separately, such as the antenna splitter for using the onboard AM/FM antenna, but don't know about the mounting bracket for the control unit itself.

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Thanks! I think they have one that will work. I'll give it a shot. Would you believe I haven't taken any pictures of my own bike yet? I'll get that taken care of this weekend. smile.gif

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Yeah Charlie but the guy at the shop said any would work... i'll check with the parts guy when I pick up my bike tomorrow to see if they can order the one from J&M, if not I'm fairly certain the cycle gadgets one wil work. smile.gif Just about ready for Big Bend!

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