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wind deflectors for '06/07 GT's


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If you go to the Santa Cruz BMW website and then go the oil screen cooler you will notice a gt with a large W on it. Click on the bike and it will open up and you will notice, by the windshield, a clear plastic wind deflector. Also, you will notice, by the pegs, another wind deflector.

One of my friends call them and Santa Cruz told him that they would try to find these optional pieces.

After driving my GT on a 7,556 mile trip I think the wind deflectors might not be a bad idea.

If any of you know where one can purchase these parts...now...please let me know.


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good eyes... how about that perforated cover on the front caliper or the obviously different seats ??


Santa Cruz is the US distributor, so the winglets are probably no where else in the States, but even on the Wunderlich home web site they do not list anything for the '06 + GT - not even the oil screen cooler eek.gif


I've seen what looked like a pre-production catalog page from Wunderlich for true bar risers for the GT. I think there are a lot of items in the works ... don't know why they're doing such a poor job of advertising them.

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