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Best map source for FM Roads


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I'm new to using a GPS in general, a Garmin Zumo 550 in particular. Got by on maps for a lot of years and thought nothing about it.


The challenge is now I do both long distance travel (as in "slabbing" it to get to a destination) and one-to-two day rides, trying to stick to mostly FM roads.


The GPS does a great job on the "fastest time" routing but what is the best map source for the network of farm roads in any given state?

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I use Microsoft Streets and Trips to plan my routes. It zooms in on the smaller highways through each state. Map Source is more difficult to use because you have to zoom in too far to see these roads. Once I have planned the route on Streets and Trips I go into Mapsource and lay in my route and waypoints.

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The high-end mapping programs (such as City Navigator) do a great job in the city but lag a bit in rural coverage compared to some other products. For instance I find that Garmin Roads and Recreation (I think it's called Metroguide now), while kind of old, often beats the City Navigator in the country. No autorouting, but you can load them in your Garmin GPS and at least the roads are there (including most dirt and forest roads.)

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Yea, my City Navigator V8 shows all the dirt roads...it just doesn't know they are dirt roads. Or as we call some of them around here...green roads. On MANY occasion the stupid GPS has tried to direct me across a field or down a dirt/gravel road when AVOID GRAVEL ROADS is cleary checked in the preferences. And re-checked, and re-checked, and re-checked,.....grrrr.


There are lots of times when 'good ole maps' are the best solution. I would never leave home without them. The GPS is a technical sucker hole sometimes.



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