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Tire wear issue


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I've got a set of Michelin Pilot Roads on the bike and really like them. Just over 2500 miles since new. I just noticed a strange wear pattern on the rear and, to a lesser extent, on the front. It appears that the center 2 inches (approx.) of the tread is "raised" slightly so that when you run your finger across the tire, it's like you go up slightly, then across the high ridge and then down towards the other edge of the tread. This is over an above the normal curvature of the tread. BTW, I keep the pressures at 38 and 44 pretty much all the time.

Have I done something wrong? Is there an issue with the tires that I don't know about? Would appreciate some of the expert opinions represented on this forum.


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Jim VonBaden

It sounds like a slight amount of cupping to me. Not that unusual, and not that you necessarily did anything wrong.


Your tire pressures are a bit high, but not excessively so if you ride two up, and or loaded down a lot.


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Sounds like a wear pattern that has not seen many curvy roads, like something you'll see on most bikes down here in FLA.

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I've noticed that to one degree or another with all of my Beemers. Some brands of tires more so than others...I just don't worry about it.


Also, I run my tires at 40/42.


Not much help, eh? blush.gif



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