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magallen roadmate 2000


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I don't know about the Roadmate 2000.




I had a Roadmate 700 for the car and loved the unit... until it failed. The failure was in the unit's hard drive and occurred in the 13th month of ownership (just outside the warranty period). One minute she's working fine, the next she won't boot up and find the maps. I can assure you the unit was never dropped or mistreated in any way.


Ok, bottom line, units can fail for a variety of reasons but customer service shouldn't. I will not purchase another unit from Magellan because of the customer service and tech support I received from them.


Others may have different results or stories but I would check around regarding service after the sale.


I have since purchased from Garmin and never looked back.

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I bought one to use on my RT. I ran the audio through a MixIt into my Autocom and had bad RFI-type noise whenever there were screen changes on the GPS. For the price that I paid, I was willing to live with this inconvenience.


Then Magellan sent me an email advising me to upgrade the software with a download from their website. After having "successfully" installed the update, I found that the base map had been erased from the unit. Their customer service, outsourced to a faraway country where English is not normally spoken, was rude and unhelpful. Fortunately I was able to return the unit for a full refund.

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