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streetpilot 2720, is it "waterproof"?


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i had a garmin quest that was sadly stolen off my bike. I'm in the process of replacing it and im contemplating getting the garmin 2720. However, i do ride year round which includes rain. I know the quest is waterproof as is stated by garmin, but they dont mention the 2720 as waterproof but still recommend it for motorcycle user. Anyone have some first had experience with it in rain?

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Yes, the StreetPilot models are waterproof. I forget the actual standard they are tested to, but not a problem on a motorcycle.

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thanks for the info, i eventually found it on garmins website. I went ahead and ordered a new 2720 from amazon. Hopefully i will be happy with it.

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You won't be as happy if you see how much costco.com is selling it for...


costco has them for $349.99 +shipping +tax = $400 for me


amazon has them for $399 free shipping no tax, and a $50 rebate. So in the long run I will save $50 with amazon.

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