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Friday Ride


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Spring is here and it’s time to ride. After a week of rain and questionable weather, the forecast for last Friday was good. Of course the forecast is always subject to change, but that did not stop me from taking the day off and going for a small ride. I needed to check out part of a route I am taking a group on next month, to ensure the county roads are decent, or in some spots, even there. You can’t always trust the maps, so a little recon was in order. I had the old Honda lubed and ready to roll early Friday morning, and in spite of a worsening forecast, I headed out.


Red sky at night, sailor’s delight,

Red Sky in morning, sailor take warning!



As you can tell, the sun was not yet up and the sky was not too red. About the same time I went past one of our typical farms in the area.



After a while I made my way to the little town of Bridgeton in Parke County, IN. Like many of the small towns in that county, it has latched onto the tourist industry, such as it is. Parke County lays claim to the covered bridge capitol of the world and has a large festival in October every year.


The restored Mill.



The new covered Bridge.




This newly constructed bridge was built last year to replace the original Bridgeton covered bridge that was destroyed by arson a couple years ago. Like most, it is not in service on the road, but is open to foot traffic. This bridge was built mostly by volunteers.


After leaving Bridgeton I came across this gem just outside of town.



Looks like they managed to save an Iron bridge. I was happy to see this since I find those far more interesting than the wooden covered bridges. To each his own!


After that, it was mostly back on the highway with traffic and such for quite a ways until I was northeast of Indianapolis, in the small town of Pendleton. Since I grew up nearby I decided to take a quick ride through the local park. In the park is a duck pond (an old stone quarry) where sets the recently restored lighthouse.





One of the falls in Fall Creek.



Just to the left of that photo is where the white men were hung for what took place a few miles away, when Indiana was first settled.



By that time the roads were getting congested with Friday afternoon traffic, so I detoured Indy and headed home. I did a little over 300 miles total and had a very relaxing day away from work.

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Thanks for the photos, I was reading our parish register which goes back to 1766, made me realise that 1824 wasn't really that long ago.

Thanks again



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Thanks for the kind words. Posting pictures with the ride report is something relatively new to me, but I will get better.


And yes, 1824 isn't that long ago in some areas, but it's somewhat early in the States. This country is still a kid.

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