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Another autocom querie...


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Querie is such a funny word...but it works in this case. A really queer question confused.gif.

I bought a new cell phone over the winter and was out today with the bike, (new Avon Storms, LOVE THEM, more on that later), and since I was 'on call' for work I plugged in the Motorola HF800 in the usual manner to the 'phone' lead from my Autocom 'Active 7' system, set the new Motorola cell phone to 'auto answer' and since it is already 'paired' from cage use, set the bluetooth to 'on'.

Worked like a charm except...even with the bike not running, there is a on/off tone with about a 2 second on, and 10 sec. off pulse. It sounds like it is the phone confirming the connection to the HF800, it isn't very loud but very annoying. If I turn the volume up on the XM radio from the Garmin 376 it of course overwhelms the 'on/off' pulse but otherwise it is there all the time.


Any of you electronic wizards out there run across this??


Oh, and I am using the Autocom 'A64??' in line (between the helmet and bike) interference suppressor thingy...



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I've had similar experience with mine on a 12RT. I used the exact same equipment (Autocom Pro M1, Motorola 710 and HF800) on my 1150RT with no issue but when installed on the 1200RT it is a little problematic. Even my voice recognition is less reliable. It may be noise from the canbus. I'm going to try to do some power filtering to see if it improves. Good luck,



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Thanks John, now that you mention it, I stopped using my voice recog feature last fall, finding it unreliable. I blamed the phone at the time but now I'm thinking its perhaps part of the same noise problem.

However I'm not sure it has anything to do with power...even with the bike switched off, but the autocom powered from the battery, I have the same noise...



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