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BMW Allround Gloves


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I'm looking for any opinions about BMW's Allround gloves. I did a search; checked out other forums and cant find hardly anything about them.


I'm was also considering the Held Steve's or the Lee Parks, but I came across the BMW Allrounds and they are much better in price. I'm not a cold weather rider so insulation isnt a factor. But I am wondering how they are as a 3 season glove. I live in WV, so I ride in WV,PA, MD, VA etc. They seem like they'd be good in cooler temps but I'm mostly concerned about sweaty hands in the summer...well...as much as can be avoided anyway.


Thank-you. thumbsup.gif

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I have a pair been to 42F and didn't turn on the grips. Gloves are too warm above 60F. The only thing I don't like is the pinkie is too long by a fingernail length for my hands and I find this very irritating. I've never had this problem with any other gloves.

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Joe Rocket makes some really great gloves for wet and regular riding that I have used a lot. The BALLIST glove is extremely light but waterproof at about $46. Also Alpinestar makes great gloves but nothing that is water proof. There is always no need to go to the BMW dealer, try the cheaper way and buy online by "googling" the maker. thumbsup.gif

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I have a pair, they're fine for year round use but can get a bit too warm in the summer, they can be difficult to put back on if your hands get sweaty, stop at a toll booth then try to get them back on! otherwise no problems.

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