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R1100RT Fender Support or lack of!


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I need help! With the addition of a helmet lock, steel license plate cover and a LED aux. light my fender is bouncing! The three screws that hold it on are tight, but I'm worried that the plastic will fatiuge! Does any company make such a part or any ideas how to make one?

Thanks All!

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90,000 miles with a Helmet Guardian Dual Helmet lock on my RT and no problems. I suppose, if you look at form vs. function, that you could probably toss the steel license plate frame if you had to shed some weight back there. If the frame is what houses your LED light, consider replacing it with Hyper Lites which stick to the bottom of your RT's taillight, instead of putting weight on your fender.

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Naw, I've never seen one that broke from flexing.


My license plate bracket on the RT broke due to flexing. (had a helmet guardian installed.


But...I believe the problem was that by license plate was only bolted to the bracket at the top. There are also holes in the fender that allow you to bolt the bottom of the plate to the fender and keep it from bouncing. I'd make sure that your plate is bolted through to the fender so it can't bounce around. Once that's done, I wouldn't worry about it.

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