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Installing a Kisan Signal Minder


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Here is how I installed a Signal Minder on my 2000 RT. I didn’t use the empty space recommended in instructions. The Signal Minder does not clear the top without putting pressure on the wires. I put it in the same place as the original unit. Doing it this way there is no need to reroute the wiring. Looks like it won’t fit, it will. To do this you’ll need to remove the flasher control holder. Just below the holder in the center is a tab to release it. The tab is about 1/6” longer then bottom of the holder. Pull the tab toward the rear of the bike; the holder will slide up and out. Now there is lots of room. Here’s how to remove the wiring. On the bottom of the connector is a latch. It’s locked in place by three thin tabs. Push the tabs down (toward the flasher unit) pull the latch over the tabs. With rubbing alcohol clean a place to stick the Velcro. Use a good brand of Velcro. Use the hook (the course) side on the fuse box it’s easier to keep clean. To splice in the red wire, don’t use the crimp on connector it weakens the other wire. NAPA (stock number 784385) sells a piggyback adapter, it pulps into the brake light same as the stock one. All you’ll need to do is crimp a female connector onto the red wire, and plug the two wires in. When lowering the Signal Minder into place the Velcro will try to stick together. Put a piece of paper between the two. When you have the Signal Minder in place pull out the paper. I put the original signal control into the space recommended for the Signal Minder. Use the same side of the Velcro on both units. The stock one is now a easy to swap spare.

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