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R12RT Radio - AM


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Radio is working pretty well here (FM, CD) on the new RT, but AM offers nothing but static. If I turn the volume way up I can barely hear the broadcast over the static.


Have taken out the antenna and wire brushed away any overspray to make sure the connection isn't hampered by this. No change.


So at the 600 mile service I note this. They said it was probably not grounded. Well, this wasn't it. So, a new radio has been ordered. Will bring the bike back in a week. Guess it is a lengthy job to swap?


I'm just not confident this is it. Maybe it is, who knows. Anyone have experience or an idea? Thanks.

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Went through the same thing with my 05 RT. Never did get fixed. Three different Radios same result. Finally I gave up and lived with it. I tried a couple different antennas too. No help.


XM is the only answer.



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Radio antennae require a ground plane to work well. You don't have one on the motorcycle given that all the bodywork is plastic.


You might try lining the inside of the tupperware with a metal screen held in place by some JB weld. Connect the screen, via a mesh grounding strap to the grounded portion of your antenna mount.


This brings up the question as to why you would want to listen to AM anyway except for maybe local news and traffic, but that is your business.

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I've never experienced the problem in the year I've had my RT, but then I only listed to AM once, and that was when I was testing the radio the first few days aftre bringing it home. smirk.gif

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Thanks everyone... I do have a hunch a new radio isn't going to help much. Maybe I just have a bike emitting an unusual amount of interference. Will talk to the dealer (Good people) that if it's a long ordeal to swap the radio don't bother... or maybe I'll try one swap. Everything but AM is fine. ShovelStroke... there is a blowtorch of an AM station out here -- KOA, with all kinds of news, talk, and local sports, sending a signal most of the Rocky Mountain west can hear. Would be nice hearing KOA in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming.

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