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85 k100


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while riding my k bike the lights cut out then when i switch it off the starter wont kick in

is there any one that can help


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This is classic.

You need to rebuild the starter. The brushes are worn and not contacting the armature good enough. This is also the cause of the lights going off- believe it or not.

Does the starter turn but not spin the engine? That is a whole 'nother problem.



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This might also be a dirty ignition swtich.


Test for ignition switch. Without starting the bike - put the key in the RUN position.


Observe lights on the instrument cluster.


Wiggle key a bit without moving out of the run position.


If the lights change intensity you have a dirty ignition switch.


Cleaning it is possible..




NOTE - the above instuctions assume you've removed the switch from the bike. Doing that requires some skill level and fuel-tank removal. If uncomfortable doing this level of work - see a dealer. They will happily sell and install a new switch for you.

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Dennis Andress

The starter brushes are bad. The load shedding relay uses the starter as a path to ground -- which goes away when the starter operates. Bad brushes weaken the ground path and cause the headlights to flicker on and off. They are not very hard to change and BMW sells the brushes and the little plate they attach to as an assembly.


How do I know, you ask??...




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