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Head Lights unbelievable!


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My left bulb burned out at 17,800 miles so I replaced it with a PIAA light. I decided to replace the top light and right light bulb also with PIAA. Left and Top no problem the right was really difficult to reach and maneuver. Finally got the light bulb removed and started to pull the bulb from the receptacle; then the unbelievable happened the plastic housing around socket that secured the bulbs spade connection started cracking apart as I pulled the light bulb out. This made me really mad that this plastic was so thin and brittle. As I continue to tug and pull on the bulb it finally came out with a LOT of force. Way more than it should have. Then I noticed that I had sprung both the spade receptacles. Now I have two problems a broken plastic housing (loose spade receptacles) for the plug and sprung receptacles and now the replacement bulb will not go in. I hope this is a replaceable wire connection. This job should not have been this difficult; the other two bulbs came out will relatively little force and no broken plastic or sprung spade receptacle. Has any one else experienced this problem?


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My BMW parts guy told me that they do not offer just the plug housing. He said I would have to purchase the whole CANBUS wire harness. I can't believe this is true I will contact service when they are open on Tuesday and find out what they do when this part breaks. eek.gif


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This just happened to me, right side, about 10k miles ago. I "tightened" up the spade part and pushed it on the top prong, the bottom spade still had some plastic on and I left it that way and pushed it on. No problem so far.


The plastic cover needs to be squeezed top & bottom when pulling it off the bulb prongs to release the small stud that goes into the bulb prong hole.


Apparently, the plastic is "garbage" and/or the heat from the oil cooler is too intense for the type of plastic BMW engineers decided to use????

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I guess I must have pinched the bulb socket the correct way on the first two. I wish they had used better plastic. I've changed the two H4 bulbs on my sport bike several times no problem and then I replaced the H4 bulbs on my car that has not been replaced since 1996 and it was stiff covered with thick gobs of black goo and took some pressure to remove but finally did and no broken plastic. eek.gif

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If you broke the female socket for the bulb, go to your favorite auto parts house and ask for a repair socket for your bulb, I belive mine was about $3.00

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This just happened to me, right side, about 10k miles ago.


OK, make it 3.. Same thing happened to me last week, when replacing the right bulb (again!!.._( .. Of course it was in a dark parking lot, late at night after riding all day.. UI wasn't a happy camper.. It's together right now and working, but getting it off next time may be a pill.. If anyone comes up with a part number for a replacement plug let me know...



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When I put in the motovision bulbs I had some work to get the right one done but with somepatience it worked and after that the left one was a breeze.



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