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Garmin 60CSx or 2720 or ?


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GPS prices are reaching the point where I might dive in. The 60CSx is about $350 http://amazon.com/o/ASIN/B000CSOXTO/ref=...;pf_rd_i=507846


The Garmin 2720 can be had at Costco for the same price. There seem to be other units around for under $400.


I want a unit that I can operated on batteries if needed and swap between bikes and cars.


The 60CSx seemed like a good choice, but I am concerned that the map will be too small to be useful on the RT. I know the 2720 doesn't operate on batteries, but hell, maybe its such a value/great unit I should get it anyway.

Thoughts on a under $400 unit? Thanks. Dean

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Urban Surfer

You can get the 276c for just over $400. It has a much bigger screen, and a battery live up to 15 hrs. It also comes with the city maps ect.

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Thanks. I think my problem is that I am looking for a one size fits all GPS. I like the 60CSx because it would work for hiking and has good battery life. However, maybe its too much of a compromise for a bike/car.

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I looked at both, and other. Finally I purchased a 2720. True, you can't take it hiking, but the map, screen, xm, and other featurs make it more than worht while. You can get a bike kit via amazon for about 30 bucks. You'd end up being happier in the long run if you purchased a 2720, and a bottom of the line hand held for hiking. imho

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Stan Walker

Thanks. I think my problem is that I am looking for a one size fits all GPS.


Indeed, that's hard to come by. I have both a 60CS that I use for hiking, and a 276C that I use on the bike or in the car.


The screen on the 276C is twice the size of the 60CS in raw physical dimensions. In actual use it's closer to 3 or 4 times the size. Displayed data on the 60CS reduces the size of the screen a lot. Display 4 data fields on the 60CS and almost 1/2 of the screem is taken up by the data leaving just 1/2 for the map display. Display 4 data fields on my 276C and they are displayed in an overlay mode (can still see the map through them), one per corner (least important location), leaving almost all of the display still available for the map.


Two great units, but they serve different roles for me.



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John Ferris

I have the 76csx and it has the same screen size as the 60. I only use 2 data displays- speed, distance to next.

I like it because I can carry it with me or on the bike.

I ahve the 2GB card and I have all of the road maps for the US and Canada on it.

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I have both the 60CS, and the 2730 (as well as a Navigator III). The 60CS was my first GPS, used when I was sport touring on a Hayabusa, before I had an intercom or any other devices that I wanted to integrate. The 60CS worked great for those trips, and with the expandable memory that the 60CSx offers, the biggest drawback that I had with that model has been removed.


I still carry the 60CS with me when competing in rallies, because there will be times potentially when I'm off and away from the bike.


My primary means of navigation has migrated to the 2730, however. I upgraded to the 2730 after using the 60CS on my previous ST1300 for right at about a year. The two reasons why I switched was to use the XM functionality of the 2730 to replace my problematic Delphi radios, and having all the maps preloaded on the 2730 meant no more downloading of the next day's maps to the 60CS when I should be sleeping. The added perk was that by having the 2730 tied in as a music source, I got to have the audible turn-by-turn directions pumped into my ears as well.


The 60CS is definitely a worthy unit for use on the bike, but if costs where the same and assuming you've got space to mount a larger model, I'd go with the 2610/2730.


Just my $0.02 worth.

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Thanks for the information. I just bought the 60CSx at REI. They were having a %20 off sale so it seemed like the time. Out the door with tax it was $390. I like the fact that I can put it in my pocket. Also, it looks rugged enough to bounce around on my KLR. Next is maps and more memory (and figuring out how to use the thing, but thats the fun part!). Thanks again.

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I saw my first 60CSx at lunch Friday. One of my co-workers whipped it out of his back pocket as we sat down to eat. Nice GPS! As much as I enjoyed my 60CS, I'm sure you'll like the 60CSx!

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