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Texas Tour- Coast, Hill Country, Big Bend


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I recently returned from my Texas Tour. The link is the video for the first day. A ride through Katrina damaged New Orleans, and Louisiana Bayous.


I thought I'd give y'all a peak, before posting to the world.


The story and will soon follow on my web site, and will contain many more pics. It was a great tour.



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Thanks Guy


Great Job.


Did ya ever make it to San Antone????


I know that weekend you picked was gonna be tough.




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Very nice, if a tad sad about the district.

Darn, now I have to think about mounting a video camera

on the RT! crazy.gif

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Hey Guy, remember the road you were, and approx. what time, when you had to deal with those deer in the last video (Hill Country)? Didn't recognize the road, but I'd guess 335, 6 or 7. I wasn't worried about deer during the day, but maybe I need to think again. Two years ago we were going at a pretty good clip and never saw one, until late afternoon (as expected).

Great video. Glad you had fun. Later.

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The route in question is FM 1376, about 20 miles north of I-10, time of day was 8ish in the morning.


I came across another deer heard on SR 39 near the US 83 intersection, at least 8 moving on both sides of the road, but I didn't have the video cam on.


I pretty much had the same experience back in 2003, on my first pass through the area.


I also saw many, many deer carcasses on the shoulder. When you see local cars with huge black steel bumpers, you know the problem is bad, a sure tip something was amuck.


It is my experience, going back to all the places I've been on 2 wheels, the Hill Country is one of most dangerous areas of the country for deer collisions. Next time you ride through count the deer bodies on the shoulders. I saw more deer in 50 miles or so of Hill Country then entire cross country rides. I don't know why, perhaps they need to extend the hunting season, but they need to do something.


It really removes alot of the fun. By the time I came out of the hills, I was grabbing brake for every rabbit, mailbox, and garbage can. I was so jittery I even throttled back at a bush blowing in the wind.


Riding the area anywhere near agressive is foolish. At 70 mph you're gonna base your well being on a hapless deer and his whims?

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Riding the area anywhere near agressive is foolish. At 70 mph you're gonna base your well being on a hapless deer and his whims?

Guess you haven't seen a video of members of this board riding the sweepers. At 70 mph, you'd be passed like if you were parked lmao.gif.

I didn't see a single deer during the day, but I didn't ride before 8:30am or after 6pm. But yes, in deer country there's always a risk at any time.

The road that made me really uncomfortable was 335. It was incredible, and wanted to go much faster, but bushes right at the edge of BOTH sides of the road was creepy. No surprises... thankfully. Thanks a lot for your advice. Take care.

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I dunno JC, I've been alooooooooot of accident free miles, (over 300k the last 6 years) and noway I do 70 mph in those curves, too thick a deer area, so I won't be ridin with THAT group anytime soon. At 70 mph or better they probably passed deer that were in nearby bushes or on the bream, and never saw them, and they only reason they are here today, the dumb beast didn't move.


If I had been (70 mph) in that video, I wouldn't be here today, simple as that, but if some wanna roll the dice, be my guest, but I gotta family to come home to.

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WOW...LOVED that video and soundtrack thumbsup.gifclap.gif


Semi-related story: In '05, YeeHaw Stephen and I had just pulled out of Marathon, Texas and I accidently t-boned a small deer a few miles outside of town. I was doing at least 70 and the deer was only going a few mph slower wink.gif...how we intersected was cosmic weirdness and how I didn't go down I will never know. Later that same day, Stephen and I were touring the site at Langtry when I took a similar picture of the small church next door.




If you will look closely, there appears to be some sort of light colored shape coming arising from the steeple of the church which was not visible at the time. Now I'm not a religious sort of person, but given the distinctive shape, my first thought was, "That must have been the angel who kept me upright today." clap.gif I don't know if it was or wasn't, but for some reason, I'm here to share the story... wave.gif

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Nice pic Trinity, and I'd say that it IS a angel, because I believe such things. HIS way of letting you know you were being looked after.




I spent Day 3 with my wife at the Riverwalk, and Plaza, not returning to the room till 9pm


I'm not a very good photographer, and I'm afraid my pics and video don't do the music and the Alamo justice.


The Alamo Mission is a reminder some things are worth fighting for-freedom, our way of life, and family. Now I know why Texans are so proud. Touring the Mission was a great experience.

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Thanks for sharing, Guy! We took a similar trip in November of 2004, San Antonio, Kerrville, Luckenbach, and Big Bend. We need a video camera!


GREAT choice of bike, by the way! grin.gif

Ride safe,


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Nice choice of music.


Wish we could have hooked up while you were here. I would have enjoyed meeting you.


Where did ya end up staying????



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