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Ohlins Shock Spring Number HELP


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Hey all,


Just received my Ohlins from Kyle Racing. Got them in 2 days! However, there is nothing in the boxes to give me that warm fuzzy that Ohlins (dropped shipped directly) set these up for me and that they do not have the "standard" springs on them. Kyle racing is not open at this time and probably won't get me info until Monday, and I would like to get them installed this weekend.




Front spring no. - 1096 15/62 L082

Rear spring no. - 01092-89/210 L213


Anyone got a clue on these numbers and what weight they may be set up for before I go out and install these only to find that I need to take them back off and return them for modifications?


And yes, I did order them for my (particularly heavy) weight through a conversation with Dan Kyle himself.


Thanks all!!!!

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Here's a thread I found on Advrider referencing the same front spring as yours with the rider's weight FWIW. I'm guessing you have the right set up.


Kyle did mine as well, drop shipped direct like yours, and the springs were spot on if it's any comfort.

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The rear spring is for a 180-210Lb rider in gear. I have the -89 spring on my R11RT and it's perfect. I gave it 1/4" of static pre-load and I don't even have to touch the hydraulic pre-load till I pack the bags or add a passenger.




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Springs where as requested. Came in 2 days! What a difference. I just ride it and think "Wow" the entire time.


Adjusted for riding with SO, the bike no longer wallows or misbehaves at all. The sag is spot on and the enjoyment is so much higher. Only owned the bike for one week, but still wish I had them sooner! wink.gif

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