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Engine Fault Icon Came On

Ken H.

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On my R1200GS, on the way to work this morning the little yellow triangle and the engine icon came on. Bike seemed to continue to run fine, nothing on my volt gauge or the temp gauge changed. No new noises, etc.


When I got home tonight I put my new handy-dandy GS-911 diagnostic reader on it. Showed fault code "Defective Cam Position Sensor".


So I poked around the sensor, pulled its connector apart. Low and behold it had water in it. Been riding to/from work in the rain most of the week. Blew it out, lubed its seal with some dielectric grease, and snapped it back together. I then cleared the code with the GS-911, fired the bike back up and ta-da! Light out, icon gone.


That GS-911 is just the handiest little thing. Otherwise I would have been facing a 180 miles each way ride to the dealer!

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Do a search in google for GS-911 and you'll find the website. I got mine in January. Very nice tool to have on hand. Saved Ken H. a trip to the dealer. clap.gif

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Would you recommend a potential buyer to wait for the upgrade they talk about or run right out and get one?
The first year after purchase includes all the upgrades, so I wouldn't let that stop you.
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Has anyone used one of these on an RT? the software and GUI seem to be all related to the GS series, I know its called a GS-911 but they do say it works with other bikes anyone buy one?

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Stephen would be better one to answer this than me, but it seems the only major difference would be the alarm sytem and the ESA.

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Jim VonBaden

Great tool, isn't it?


I have access to one from a friend, and may get my own soon. Nice and easy to use.


Jim cool.gif

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