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How many bolts...


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...are there attaching the muffler and CAT to the RT? I've found two, one on the right just under the right cylinder where the headers attach and one on the left by the passenger's footpeg.


I've got them both out, and the thing still won't budge.





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That's all there is. (plus the O2 sensor/wire).


They can get stuck on there pretty good, so you may have to resort to explosives, hydraulic rams,or plasma cutters to get it off. smile.gif


I think I hosed mine down with WD40, let it sit for a while, then came back out and was able to work it loose. try twisting it first to break the corrosion loose, then work it off by twisting and pulling simultaneously.


(If Wurty reads that last sentence, we're in trouble. eek.gif )

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I believe that is all there is. Try tapping on the joint between the header pipe and the cat.. The place where you take the clamp off. Then with a twisting and pulling motion from the rear pull them apart.. Getting some movement at the jont is the key to pulling them apart. sit behind the bike with your chest up against the rear tire..


Be careful for the O2 sensor wire...

Good Luck

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Thanks, everyone.

I've purchased my center punch and my 5/32" long drill bit. My friend is bringing over his thread extractor over the weekend. We're gonna have some fun!

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Some bikes have bolts holding/supporting the cat. One each side, They attach the cat to the stand bracket - Torq heads made from cheese.


If they're seized, just cut them off.

All the later bikes aren't fitted with them.

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Clive Liddell

I found that a piece of timber wedged between the rear of the engine/gearbox and the front of the cat area allowed me to increase the "pulling" force on the joint when swinging the silencer section to the left (as well as rotating it this way and that).

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