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J&M input directly to Autocom?


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Howdy, folks. I've been perusing the Autocom and J&M threads, but did not see this mentioned. I have the stock J&M CB/radio/weather set up plus the CD changer. I want to have an Autocom installed (as I had on my Dakar) for FRS comms with the spousal unit on her bike and to receive input from a to-be-purchased Zumo + XM.


Is it possible to connect the J&M directly to the Autocom so that I can use all that capability? I find the external speakers to be incredibly obnoxious.


thanks, bws

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You may need something to pull it together like this ...




If isn't immediately obvious from this guy's site but they go for $70.00 if I recall correctly ...


Oh ... as a PS ... if you are going to hook in a Garmin GPS don't forget to get the special cable thing to plug in to the Garmin cable. This fellow charges $10.00 and I have seen them listed at $50.00 if you get it from Autocom ...



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Thanks. That is an interesting product. It would still require what I am really looking for, which is a J&M output-to-Autocom input cable. This page http://www.ba-marc.org/installs/helmet_audio.htm shows the pin-out, so maybe I could cobble a cable together, though my soldering and electronics days are long over. I was hoping to find that someone has already done so. There are only four wires of interest: two wires for L/R speaker ground and two for hot.



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