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Battery tender on '03 1150 RT


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I did a search and can't find the answer to this. I recently put a new gel battery in my '03 1150 RT. I was ordering a Powerlet system for the tank bag this morning and the guy at Powerlet said I could charge my battery through the BMW outlet as long as my bike does not have a CANBUS(?)

I have no idea what this is and don't know if an '03 1150 RT has one. Can I charge the battery through this outlet? Any adapters needed?





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CANBUS is the new electrical system first used on the R1200RT, (2005 and later). Think networking form of communications.


Your '03 doesn't have it. Charge away!



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Should work fine. I just bought a gel capable charger at WalMart and hooked it up through the powerlet yesterday on an 04 1150; it is working great!

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Definitely a go. I rigged a small adapter to convert the two prong plug on my Battery Tender to the Hella (Powerlet) plug. I charge my '02 nightly.


BTW, if you screw up the polarity the Battery Tender will tell you immediately...trust me ooo.gif

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