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Mirror loose on 1150RT


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Just got back from a business trip to find my wife dumped my bike in the garage. After a close inspection (and some cussing)it appears that only the right side mirror came off. I have re-attached it but it does not stay on securely, some downward pressure and off it comes. Upon closer inspection I notice a finger on one of the attachment points (the part with multiple fingers on a circle with a ring surrounding them) is missing. Seems hard to believe that is enough to make it loose like that, but anyway what is the fix???? Doesn't look those attachment points come off the backing plate. Do I need a whole new backing plate?

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I believe the backing plate for the right mirror is

BMW Part Number 46632352122 base plate right Retail $40.75 Chicago BMW$32.60. I just received mine today. I think the number mentioned above is for the left mirror. But you can check online at www.maxbmwmotorcycles.com fiche to be sure.



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