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RT Choked this weekend


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Cruising along on a great Sunday morning, dropped into 4th to pass a car up'd it into 5th and started to loose power, she bucked as I gave it more throttle, she stalled at idle.

Best I could do to get to civilization (one gas station 50 miles up the road), cruised at 3500 rpm in 4th, she could not handle the load at 5th, if there was any load (such as a small rise or hill), she had to go into 3rd. She would only smooth out a bit at 3500 rpm, no more no less.

When changing gears throttle needed to be 'up' or it would violently stall.

When starting, throttle needed to be at least 1/2 way.

Roadside; checked throttle cables, plugs, electrical to injectors, jiggled and wiggled any thing I could reach.

She fired on both cylinders, and both plugs were flawlessly clean.

Bad fuel? clogged filter? (about 15,000 miles on filter) last fill up was just 45 miles away.

Kicked the tires, still no response.

Any ideas?

And a big big thank you to the NorCal guys cruising along hwy 166 that offered their assistance, that's what beemers are all about.

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Corrosion or moisture in the Hall Effect Sensor wires can cause havoc, kinda like what a bad ground wire does to the rest of the el'tronics.


Paul Glaves wrote a good article about it for the MOA a year or so back...



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Adtl info 180 psi right jug, 0 psi left jug.

Any comments on rebuild would be appreciated....Bike has 75k, cosmetically in mint condition, new seat, recent FD rebuild, recent clutchsplines and clutch pack. tongue.gif

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Adtl info 180 psi right jug, 0 psi left jug
Ouch. Check your valve lash to be sure an adjuster didn't vibrate loose but my guess would be that your engine just had lunch on an exhaust valve. Were the valves adjusted in the recent past by any chance?


Shouldn't be too expensive a repair if that's all it is, and if you do the work yourself. At a dealer... yikes...

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I had a similar experience with my 97 RT. It ran great when cold, but exhibited symptoms like yours when warmed up. Mine turned out to be a bad plug wire. I changed both plug wires, and installed a new coil. Bike ran like new after that. You might need to make a trip to the dealer. Hope it works out. It sounds like a frustrating problem. Don't lose faith in the bike, though. There is a simple explanation!

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