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Magellan GPS


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Anyone using a Magellan GPS on their bike? If so, which model and any feedback on its features would be great. Are they user friendly?





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I bought a Roadmate 700 for the car but I also bought a Ram mount for my bike! Plugged in last week to test out and it works fine! Only thing I had to do was tape the car power adapter to my outlet cord pigtail cable. Tested out and I can hear to turn by turn alarm just fine Even at freeway speed. You just don't want it exposed to any chance of rain. I'm to cheap to by another one just for the bike. Check out some used ones on E-bay.



99 R1100RT

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Guess I really didn't answer your question but it works great!

Real easy to input addresses and map details are pretty impressive.

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I bought a RoadMate 2000 when they had them for less than $300 at Costco and found two problems when I tried to interface it with my Autocomm on the bike. First, volume was too low even after running the signal through my MixIt. Second, it produced an irritating whine, which lasted for about 3 seconds, whenever there were changes on the screen.


So I relegated it to car use and continued looking for a good deal on a Garmin.


Then I got an email from Magellan advising me of an "upgrade" available for download off their web-site. I downloaded and installed the "upgrade" and found that the base map in the internal memory had been erased. I contacted Magellan's customer service, outsourced to some faraway place where English is not normally spoken, and went through an experience not unlike Catch-22, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, or any episode of the Three Stooges.


Fortunately, Costco gave me a full refund, or I would be stuck with a high-tech paper weight.

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I received the 2200T for christmas, 3 problems I have noticed.

one the jack for the 3.5mm stereo plug is too small for most any stereo head phone plug, patch cable to the intercom. When not seated all the way in the sound will be very degraded. i trimmed one down to a smaller diameter for a better fit.


also the audio signal output from the same jack was very low.


I did the flash firmware upgrade and it increased the volume and changed some of the operating interface, but still did not fix my main complaint. That the mp3 player and navigation will both not work at the same time.


I did do the backup before doing the upgrade and retained all my prior info and Mapping software.


After testing a Zumo this week,with our new liberty wireless system, I can tell you I will own one of those very soon for my personal use. It was the bomb of a setup. if you do not want a bike to bike or cb radio it can do most everything else, you would want.





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