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What Is This Small Tapped Hole on the RT Forks?


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Following up to my fog light mounting dilemma, I noticed a small, tapped hole on each fork leg. What is the purpose of this hole? If there is none, I can enlarge it and use to mount lights, without disturbing my brake calipers. Any ideas?




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i think bmw used the same forks for the 1100rt and 1150rt, so that hole is for the front fender on the 1100rt. the 1150 has a smaller front fender so it doesnt attach there.

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Jerry Johnston

You're right on the money Kyle. Thats exactly where the lower part of my fender attaches on my R1100RT. thumbsup.gif

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So then I guess it wouldn't be out of the question to swap a R1100RT fender over to the R1150RT fender, and free up a very convenient set of mounting holes?

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