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Best Zumo Mount for 12RT


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OK... I know this subject has been beaten to death so excuse me for starting yet another thread.


But what's is the best mounting option out there that is actually available? The Migsel mount looks pretty good but is out of stock. Motorrad Concepts looks good but is on back order for about 6-8 weeks and at the current exchange rate is VERY expensive.


I'd prefer to have something that mounts either between the bars by the ignition or up on the dash similar to the Migsel or Motorrad mounts. Any ideas?

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I have a BMR shelf and mounted the Zumo using the mount that came with the gps. Works well and doesen't block the instruments.


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Check out a post back on Marck 06 of this year by jakfrost ; the subject line was "GPS mount for R12RT"


He makes a unit that mounts between the handlebars using a RAM style ball that attaches to the Zumo. Works just fine. thumbsup.gif

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