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Disc brake bobbins and wave washers -- Part #s?


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I just happen to have the receipt for the bobbins that I purchased this morning.

You need

6 34112310995 roller

18 34112310086 roller

24 34112310088 flat washer

24 34112310089 lock ring

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Received my bobbins today from motobins .Cost $41.50 for both front rotors and shipping .They only took 10days from ordering to get them . I just got done installing them tonight .I found it easier to just remove the front wheel and unbolt the rotors from the hub .Because of the wave washers it was tough to compress the washers and get the circlip started properly . Time to replace under 2hrs . They worked great no more rattle up front . thumbsup.gif for Motobins .

I was going to wait till the Tech day this week and do them there but I am glad I didn't they were worn worse than I thought. I should have ordered front pads also. Maybe I will get them for Saturday . Dave clap.gif

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