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Accessory Electrical box


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I am looking for ideas for placement of an accessory electrical box. I want to house 5 relays and a 10 fuse strip in the box. It will take a box that is at least 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 3".


I am thinking about cutting a plate out of 1/8" Al plate and fitting it in between the frame members to the left of the rear shock.


Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Looking for a place this am to fit a box off my 11rt. Too tall to fit under seat on top of shock. I did see all that space by the shock and thought of velcro to the front of the battery. Because it is so open there it may get crudded-up (tech term) quickly. Someone suggested I look up front for a space because that is where all farkles will be and then only have to run the battery cables forward instead of 4 or 5 pair back. I have to explore some more.

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I've made these things before, and used "project" boxes from Radio Shack. Here's a link to a variety of boxes: http://tinyurl.com/2af2pe


You might consider two or more smaller boxes, rather than one large one?


Here's a link to all the parts necessary to make a relayed fused power strip (why do you want so many relays?); the put-it-on-the bike section is for an FJR, but the design is great.



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I want to house 5 relays and a 10 fuse strip in the box.
Yikes! eek.gif You going to re-do the entire bike!?!



(Sorry, I have nothing constructive to add to this thread.)

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(why do you want so many relays


I may be getting carried away. I am adding heated seat and will be using two switches so thought about using two relays. I have a radio prepped bike that I have put together a 75W mini amp, aux audio switch(switches when it senses sound from the GPS)and MP3 player.

I also have a set of lights I will power with a relay.

Finally I use a relay to isolate the CanBus which provide power to all other relays.

I know there are other ways that would work but they would involve powering more then one 5A draw on the same circuit.

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