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Ride Report


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Electrical problem fixed.


Rode NM 78 and CA 78 on the same day (NM 78 is a glorious road!)


Crossed the Continental Divide and rode to the Pacific Ocean. Yep, same day.


42F in Deming, NM at 7:30 am and 86F in Brawley, CA at 6 pm.


Very little Interstate.


No performance awards (barely!, thanks to the kind heart of the Imperial County Sheriff who had me nailed)


Rear shock needs rebuilding. Looks like a cruiser and can't get it on the center stand.


888 miles on Friday; 936 miles on Sunday.


When is riding season going to get here?


Har, har, har.


End of Report.

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"When is riding season going to get here?"


We'll let you know. I hate how your cabin fever is affecting your attitude.


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It's not my place to criticize, but I think your ride reports would be better if they weren't so darn long! grin.gifgrin.gif



ps-Sounded like fun! thumbsup.gif

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