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Houston to Austin -- Tx Hill Country Road trip #1


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A few weeks back, my buddy and I made a trip from Houston to Austin for a weekend of riding some of Texas' finest motorcycle roads.


Friday afternoon Shawn rolled in to Katy and we took 529 through Bellville to 159 through Industry & LaGrange. Although it doesn't look like much from the road, P1 from Buescher to Bastrop state park was a very sweet ride. We ended up stopping for dinner at some road house cafe right across the street from the entrance to the Bastrop park side. Note to self -- camp here some time.. Since it was now dark we haulled butt up 71 to Austin just in time to have a few beers on 6th street.


Saturday we basically took the route referenced in the Ride Texas book called Enchanted Rock ride. Took 2244 to Bee Cave then 3338 to 962 and passed through the West Cave preserve --- very windey roads especially when you pass the creek (up & down the valley @ the Pedernales River crossing) Nice view. We continued up 962 to Cpress Mill & Round Mountain, took a left on 281..we goofed up and took the dirt road 307 near the 962 & 281 crossing (would have been ideal if I had an enduro, but the RT and Shawn's Honda did ok. WE continued on 1323 to Willow City. Stopped at Harry's on the loop for a Boars Arse sandwich and signed our names on the building. We intended to stop on the other Willow city bar -- Not on the Loop saloon, but somehow forgot. If anybody ever tells you that the Willow City Loop is optional, shoot them because they're a liar. The loop is awesome. After the loop it was up to Enchanted ROck..(Eckert Road to CrabApple to 965, NOrth on 965 to the ROCK...to visit with a buttholey park ranger. Our bums were numb so we stretched a little then back on the road and up 16 to LLano. Stopped and had a beer @ Joe's bar (with Joe), then back to Austin on 77.


Sunday had us running from rain, but we just couldn't help but pass through Buchner & Bastrop State parks & P1. Always worth the trip.


All in all it was an excellent road trip and really got me fired up about riding all over again.


I can't wait till my next trip and hope to get out again to the Hill Country soon. I hear that the best roads are south and west of Austin towards Fredricksburg, Bandera and such.


There's always a next time.


Cheers Yall!



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Hi Ragin',


It looks like either Flickr doesn't allow you to hotlink images or you need to make sure that the URL you copy into the spot between the "image tags" ends in ".jpg". Of course you can continue to "attach" images (below our servers' size limit) as you did here:



Then within the 45 minute "edit time" alloted you can open the attachment, copy the image url, then edit it in with image tags and it will appear embedded as above. Otherwise, you might try one of the inexpensive "pay" services like www.smugmug.com for a very easy way to store, organize and share your pics with the board. My compliments on your excellent choice of the fastest color RT as well! wink.gif


We're on our way home from the Hill Country right now and I agree the best riding is in the area around Kerrville, Fredricksburg, Bandera, etc. thumbsup.gif

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